Should I Attempt To Revive My Youtube Channel?

Emma Colsey-Nicholls
4 min readOct 2, 2022
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I have had my Youtube channel for a really long time.

I first set it up way back in 2008. Though over this time I have never been very intentional about publishing or optimising to get the best from it. It was really just a place where I would post additional content for my members or for free courses.

Despite the age of my channel I still only have a mere 681 subscribers and am a long way off from hitting the monetisation thresholds.

I had a period during lockdown when I began working on being a little more consistent with it, but a few things knocked me off track with that.

  • I live in the mountains and the internet upload speed is slower than a snail that is in need of a nap. It can take a full day to upload one measly 10-minute video.
  • I really wanted to start creating better quality videos but didn’t have the money to invest in a new camera.
  • During this time I also started writing more here on Medium. My writing took off, I was earning money on this platform and so I decided to double down and put all of my focus and attention here instead.

These reasons mean that I haven’t uploaded a public video there for over 7 months now.


At the beginning of each year, I decide on a theme for the year.

This year's theme was to simplify.

I was busy just being busy. Trying to show up in all places, offering too many different services and it all just felt like it was getting too overwhelming, not to mention having to be a parent and do all of the other life things we all face.

So I have worked this year to scale things back, simplify and focus on the things that are most important to me. To get the most return on my investment of time in both business and in life.

This has meant focusing on blogging. Here on Medium and via my new blog.

Both are focused on health and wellness, and then this aligned nicely with my now only health and fitness coaching programme Better Body Coaching.

This has felt more cohesive, simplified and far more manageable.



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