Medium Income Report July 2022

Emma Colsey-Nicholls
4 min readAug 4, 2022

How Much Medium Paid Me In July 2022

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I know so many people like to moan about Medium income reports. I don’t care about the moaners, I love reading them, and I also enjoy writing them.

It makes me sit down and look a little deeper and consider what’s working for me and what I can look at creating more of. I have a tendency to skim over these things, I’m not really a stats and spreadsheets type of person. My eyes glaze over at the thought of them. I prefer to keep on researching and to keep on writing more articles.

But writing my own reports allows me to slow down and take stock.

July was a little bit of a slower month for me in terms of writing. I have the kids off school and so I’m tasked with working, writing, mothering as well as trying to entertain them full time.

When my schedule is all over the place I find that I struggle creatively as my mind gets bogged down with other ‘life’ things. I always want to remain consistent with putting out quality content over quantity, so yeah my writing has taken a hit.

In July I published just 8 articles, accumulated over 16k views and almost 5k reads

Screenshot Author Dashboard

For this, I earnt $711.14

Earnings Screenshot
Screen Shot From Partner Programme Dashboard

What stands out for me, was that this month is the first time that actually most of my best-performing articles are also some of the most recent ones.

Apart from the Rebel Wilson article which is still my highest performing to date, this was published back in May.

The rest are from late June or ones that were written in July. They are also all self-published apart from I Tried The Glucose Goddess Diet, Here Is What Happened which was published in the publication In Fitness and In Health.

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