How She Makes $75,000 A Month From Blogging

Emma Colsey-Nicholls
6 min readOct 21, 2021

Be Strategic About Everything If You Want A Blog That Makes You Money

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The striking numbers on the Youtube video titled How I Make $75,000 Per Month Blogging caught my attention when it showed up on my explore page.

I love content like this as they are a wonderful reminder of just what is possible with clarity, determination and a little bit of grit.

With the events of recent years, I have been feeling somewhat overwhelmed with social media in general and also the changing direction of my own business. More and more I have been being pulled towards the idea that I really want to be spending more of my time writing and not doing all of the bazillion other things that are leading me to feel a little bit frazzled.

I have been blogging of a sense, for many years though have never really gone deep with it. It’s always just been an extension of the emails that I write to my audience. Though I’m not afraid to get on camera to film a video or a live session, I know the best way I communicate with my clients and potential new ones is through my words.

I am not the best writer, my spelling is pretty shocking. But as we all know that consistency beats skill time and time again.

I really get the feeling that blogging is making a comeback, or maybe it never really went away, it was just something that I wasn’t solely focused on, so I’d love to hear other perspectives on this.

In this article, I wanted to outline how she is making an incredible $75k a month via more traditional blogging methods, and how I intend to use this on my own blogging journey going forward and hope that it can be insightful to you too.

The Background

Sophie Lee set up her blog By Sophia Lee in 2018, at the time when she was juggling being a full-time college student out of her dorm room. Over the last 4 years, she has built the blog which started out as a blog for college students to help them with decorating, organising and cleaning hacks. She achieved her first $1000 month within the first year.

As she has grown and evolved, so has her blog. Although the original dorm rooms posts are still there, she is now also sharing more on interior design…



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