Health and energy matter, let's look at how to reconnect with that

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We all want the latest buzz in the world of health and fitness, in search of the quick fix and the answer to feeling better in your body.

But the truth of it is, that the basics do not change.

I have always been into health and fitness, even back at school. I loved taking part in sports from track and field, team games to gymnastics. My adult life consumed with a similar theme, I have taught or taken part in pretty much every fitness class there has ever been, and have also tried every diet under the sun. …

5 Tools You Can Start Using Today

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Imagine for a moment, if you were able to embrace the concept of self-love. Without all of the airy-fairy fluff, to have a deep appreciation for yourself knowing that you matter in the world, to having a high regard for your own wellbeing and happiness.

How different would you feel, how different would your life be, what else would you be going after if you truly felt that you were enough?

We all have self-doubt, negative, toxic thoughts from time to time it’s part of human nature.

Yet it becomes a very fine line to balance. The negative thoughts can…

Before Life Stuff Tried To Bring You Down

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Who were you before all the heaviness of life tried to bring you down?

The last 12 months, in particular, have felt incredibly heavy and hard, and I’m sure it’s not just me that has felt that weight?

I also know that it can still feel heavy as we all try and pave our way forward. Now we feel that we are beginning to claw back some normality. …

There Is More To Life Than The Way Your Body Looks

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Be happy with what you have, whilst also working towards what you want.

There is a balance that I am always working towards navigating.

I particularly see this conflict in women, and indeed myself when it comes to the area of the body.

Being someone who in the past has never really felt really good in my body.

Always feeling self-conscious and wanting to cover my belly with baggy tops, have always felt ‘bigger’ than I wanted to be.

Even at the height of my fitness when I was teaching up to 30 hours of fitness per week, I look…

It Starts With The Very First Step

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You Can Do Anything, But Not Everything. Well, at least you can’t do it all at once.

When it comes to making change, I know you want to see the big transformation taking place in front of your eyes.

  • I’ve done a week of eating healthy….. Am I skinny yet??
  • I have done my morning routine 3 days in a row… Have I got my sh*t together?
  • I tried that journaling thing a couple of times, I’m not sure it’s working

Real-life transformation is not big and sexy like we see it in the movies. …

How To Get Started With An Effective Journaling Practice

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If you have an interest in personal development you have likely already heard people spouting about the power of journaling. If you are yet to get to grips with this tool, or you just don’t know where to get started, then this article is designed to help you get going with a journaling practise as a beginner.

Journaling, diarising, recording of thoughts is nothing new, it’s been around for centuries many of the greats of the world testify to keeping a journal from Albert Einstein, Mother Teresa, Thomas Edison, Gandhi to today’s business leaders, Oprah and Richard Branson. …

How To Feel ‘Enough’

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I have spent the earlier part of my adult years struggling to feel as though I was enough both in my work life and social circles. It was never about disliking myself or who I was; it wasn’t even a lack of self-belief. I’ve always had the ability to dream big, that little fire that was burning inside of me, a knowing that I could go on to do and create the things I want in life.

But still, every time I did something to push the boundaries of my comfort zone, I would have an…

Tools For Transformation

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You can’t cheat your way to the top and just tune out of the crappy bits. If you want to make improvements to your life you must be willing to sit in discomfort.

“Discomfort is the feeling you get just before change happens” — Seth Godin

In the discomfort is where most people want to check out, to tune out, to avoid what’s going on within, to give up and get off the success train.

Yet it’s these exact moments that will become the forks in the road of your journey. The decisions you make because of…

How To Set Goals During Uncertain Times

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We are here, we made it to the start of a New Year, and despite the whirlwind that is continuing to swirl around us, I genuinely believe that you can still make 2021 a breakthrough year.

I know this because even during a global pandemic in 2020, I still managed to have my best year financially since moving out to France.

I know it because I see 100’s of other people still having breakthroughs and growth despite all that's going on in the world right now.

It starts with you deciding that you want it and you believe that it’s…

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Hormones are often blamed when we suddenly realise we have hit middle age, it feels like your waistline is ever-increasing and you can’t quite pinpoint why it’s happening. It’s completely plausible right, when once upon a time as a sprightly 20 year old, you could chow through several takeaways at the weekends plus night after night of drinking and not seem to gain an ounce.

Whereas now that you are racing towards 40 and beyond, you only need to look at a chocolate bar and feel like you have gained 10lbs. What the hell gives?

Even I have bought into…

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